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Inspection & Integrity Management

Off Shore | Pipe Line | Certification| Verification
Welding Inspection & Qualification

Off shore

Corrosion surveys for classification societies such as Lloyds Register, ABS Pacific and DNV.

Ultrasonic thickness surveys on process pipe work and process vessels utilising A and B Scan methods as well as Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD).

Radiographic inspection on process pipe work and process vessels: this includes the use of Small Confined Area Radiography (SCAR) technology. This technology allows radiographic testing to be carried out with a barrier diameter of 3 -5 metres.

In the offshore environment where space is at a premium this simple method can provide huge savings in preventing down time in work to allow conventional radiography to take place. 

DITS can provide qualified coating inspectors to carry out coating condition surveys or provide third party assessment of coating and abrasive blasting contractors.

Pipe line

DITS works closely with a major overseas based inspection company Oceaneering to carry out offshore and onshore inspection of pipelines, by the use of internal and external X-ray crawlers.

Certification / In-service Inspection

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing:

DITS are a NATA accredited laboratory and are capable of carrying out Hydrostatic Pressure testing on process pipe spools and pressure plant up to 120,000 KPa.  Testing can either be carried out onsite or at a DITS base.


Third Party and Vendor Inspection:

DITS can supply inspectors to carry out third party verification and auditing on behalf of Clients.

Typically servicing the Oil Gas and Mining Industry for Companies such as PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd, Clough Amec JV and Conoco Phillips through our extensive client base.


Welding inspection & qualification

DITS offer a range of services to the welding fabricator, Welding supervision, and welding inspection of carbon steel, alloy and aluminium welding processes.

Welder qualification and welding procedure qualification can be carried at the work site,
Client’s premises or at DITS base in Darwin, Northern Territory.

DITS can provide welding procedures or will work with the Client’s existing documentation.

Codes and Standards commonly utilised are ASME IX, ASME B31.3, AWS D1.1, AS 1554 & AS 4037


> Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

We offer a comprehensive range of NDT services to help you achieve total plant integrity.  DITS the necessary certificates and approval to conduct the following:

  • Radiographic Inspection: X-ray and Gamma Techniques
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement using both “A” scan and “B” scan presentation
  • Eddy Current Inspection
  • Proof load testing
  • Macro Examination


> Advanced Inspection Systems

We offer the latest advanced inspection services including:

  • Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
  • Phased Array
  • Multi-Channel Automated Ultrasonics
  • Combination ToFD and Phased Array
  • Iris Tubular Inspection


> Heat Treatment

DITS can provide heat treatment services for field work for both Onshore and offshore capabilities.

We also have a workshop furnace with a capacity of 1.2m x 1.2mx 0.7m square, ideal for small spools, fittings and individual items. 

Heat cycles are programmable to client’s specifications with a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.

> Rope Access

Rope Access technology is utilised extensively, and DITS can provide rope access technicians to carry out abrasive blasting, coating repairs, anchor chain surveys as well as conventional NDT from rope systems.